61d7AffZMTL. AC SS450

Torque Vario Digital

Available options:

  • Torque Vario Digital 1-5 Nm
  • Torque Vario-S 0.5 - 2.0Nm
  • TORQUE Screwdriver 2.0-8.0Nm
  • Torque Vario Screwdriver 0.1 - 0.6Nm
  • Torque Vario-S 0.04-0.46Nm +/-10%
  • TORQUE Screwdriver 1.0-5.0Nm


Bits available:

  • InterchangeableTorque Bit 2.5mm
  • Torque Vario bit Torx TX10
  • Torque Bit Hex 0.9Nm Max 1.5mm
  • Torque Bit Adaptor 1/4" Square
  • Torque Bit Holder Hex 1/4 Female
  • Torque Bit Ball Point Hex 3mm
  • Torque Bit Hexagon 2mm
  • Torque Bit Hexagon 3mm
  • Torque Bit Hexagon 4mm
  • Torque Bit PH2
  • Torque Bit PZ0
  • Torque Bit PZ1
  • Torque Bit Torx 8
  • Torque Bit Torx 15
  • Torque Bit Torx 20
  • Torque Bit Torx 25
  • Int.change. blade Hex - Torque handle 1.5 x 175mm
  • Torx Bit T8 x 175mm /1.3Nm
  • Torque Bit T10 x 175mm
  • Slim Torque Starter Set 9pcs T9
  • Torque Vario VDE Slotted Bit 0.8 x 4mm


Product description

When changing indexable cutter inserts, controlled fastening with a specific torque is essential to ensure they are not damaged. Intelligent, innovative and individual, the iTorque® torque screwdriver delivers the remedy. The required Nm value can be easily set within the continuously adjustable range on the cap at the end of the iTorque®'s handle. What's more, users can also change the torque unit from Nm to lbs. The large digital display with numeric readings allows users to read the set Nm value quickly and easily. With a release accuracy of +/- 6%, the torque tool complies with EN ISO 6789 requirements. An integrated counter documents the number of activations, which is particularly important for monitoring testing equipment. The alarm function reminds users when calibration is due – the calibration cycle is set at 5,000 tasks ex works, but can be adjusted as required. The ergonomically shaped handle grip with soft zones provides optimum torque screwdriver handling. The set includes a bit universal holder for holding 1/4" bits. The iTorque® is also compatible with 4 mm Wiha Torque interchangeable blades (series 2859).



±6%, traceable to national standards.



Torque can be conveniently set directly via push button integrated in handle. Ergonomic plastic/metal compound handle of quality, robust materials. Handle sizes proportioned to optimise torque setting. Distinctly audible and perceptible click signal when set toque is reached. Compatible with all blades of the 2859.



DIN EN ISO 6789.



Large digital display for simple stepless setting of torque value. Units can be simply switched - Nm ↔in.lbs / cNm ↔in.oz. Click Control - integrated counter records all applications. Calibration alert following 5,000 applications (normative reference value/resettable)



For controlled fastening with the pre-set torque.


Bit holder

Torque bit universal holder exchange blade for accommodating C 6.3 and E 6.3 (1/4") bits (included in delivery).