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N/WS Straight Grinder 740W Max 30mm

Product advantages

  • the extended design allows efficient use of the machine even in less accessible places
  • a powerful motor with a rated power input of 740 W increases efficiency and speed of work
  • Multifunction digital electronics offer a number of protection and safety features:
  • starting current limitation - for gentle commissioning of the machine and gradual start-up to the working speed
  • speed control - for setting the optimal speed depending on the type of material and the nature of the work
  • current protection - protects the machine against burns and the operator from injury when the tool is blocked in the material
  • restart protection - brings safety and security to work in case of accidental shutdown of the machine or sudden interruption of power supply
  • the machine spindle is stably housed in a robust aluminum housing
  • elastic clutch between motor shaft and drive spindle calms running by dampening shocks and vibrations on the tool
  • the variability of the machine is underlined by the possibility of using a wide range of tools with shanks 3; 6; 6.35 and 8 mm
  • for higher work accuracy it is possible to mount an additional handle to the machine by means of a clamping neck, or to
  • clamp the machine in a stationary position