65404679 01 2000

Impact Wrench

Available in the following size:

  • 3/4 850Nm


Product advantages

  • for heavy-duty application in many fields of industrial and building production, in workshops, during assemblies and
  • installations, for repairs and maintenance of heavy machinery
  • the machine offers high tightening moment for loosening or tightening of high-strength metric screwing connections,
  • anchoring and assembly of building parts and components
  • impact mechanism allows for efficient screwing without the need of extensive thrust force
  • small reaction moments for easier handling with the machine
  • extended design for improved working range of machine
  • 1/2" square socket - for the use of commonly available screwing socket heads
  • simple control by a large-area switch with latching button and easy-to-reach button for changing the direction of rotation
  • ergonomically shaped handle for better grip
  • practical transport systainer with folder for socket heads