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Angle Grinder

 Available in the following sizes:

  • 125mm  1100W 
  • 125mm 1400W
  • 150mm 1600W
  • 230mm 2400W
  • 230mm 2600W


Product advantages

  • A new and powerful engine without a power loss even at a higher load; more effective cooling of a new gearbox increasing
  • reserves and performance
  • A special adhesive lubricant providing a superb protection against wearing in a broad range of operating temperatures thus
  • prolonging the life expectancy of gears
  • ergonomically designed motor casing guarantees safer and more comfortable gripping of the device
  • protective guard is adjustable without use of any tools
  • spindle head arrest – easy and quick disk replacement by a single wrench only
  • sprung auxiliary grip to reduce the level of harmful vibrations acting on operator arms
  • self-detachable carbon distributor pieces prevent rotor damage, the fully worn carbon will be disconnected automatically
  • multifunctional digital electronics provides a variety of protective and safety features:
  • start-up current limitation – for careful and safe start of the machine and smooth working speed achieving
  • thermal protection – monitors operating temperature and protects motor from overheating
  • reverse-current protection – for protection of equipment against blowing and operator against injury in case of a jam in material
  • protection against restarting – for safety of an operator against uncontrolled restarting of tool in case of power failure