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Module Edge Router

Available options:

  • Module Edge Router MFK700 EQ-Set
  • Router OF 1010 EBQ-Set
  • Router OF1010 EBQ-PLUS 6/8mm
  • Router OF1400 EBQ-PLUS 12.0mm
  • Router OF2200 BS-PLUS 12.0mm
  • Router OF2200 EB-SET in Systainer
  • Laminate Trimmer OFK 500 Q-PLUS R2 in systainer No



Versatile when trimming edges.

Convenient conversion. The modular design makes the MFK 700 a cost-effective all-rounder: Only the router table, and not the entire router, needs to be changed – and it is ideally equipped for all tasks involved in corner and edge trimming. Simply set down the right table and you can immediately route veneers or grooves, round edges, create profiles and much more.

  • Wider application spectrum due to interchangeable router tables
  • Efficient dust extraction integrated directly on the router base
  • 130 mm table support surface for accurate routing results
  • Electronic speed adjustment switch for perfect adaptation to the working material
  • Motor temperature monitor for a long service life