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Cordless Drill

Available options:

  • Cordless Drill C18 Li 3.1-Compact
  • Cordless Drill C18 Li 5.2 Plus
  • Cordless Drill C18-Li 5.2 Set
  • Cordless Drill C18-Li Basic
  • Cordless Drill CXS Li 2,6-Set
  • Cordless Drill CXS Li 2.6-Plus (New 576092)
  • Cordless Drill PDC 18/4 Li without batteries
  • Cordless Drill T18+3 Li 5.2 Set
  • Cordless Drill TXS 2.6 Plus
  • Cordless Drill TXS Li 2.6Ah-Set


Unique shape. Interchangeable head.

Enjoy full flexibility when drilling and screwdriving: the completely electronic torque adjustment, CENTROTEC quick-change system, as well as angle attachment, eccentric attachment and depth stop can handle any drilling or screwdriving task. The combination of the Li-HighPower battery pack and maintenance-free brushless EC-TEC motor means that the C 18 cordless drill is light, long-lasting and durable. The cordless screwdriver and battery pack are completely covered with the Festool SERVICE, giving you peace of mind for your day-to-day work. Available in unique C-design or – depending on personal preference – in T-design as the T 18+3.

  • Switchover from screwdriving to drilling without changing the set torque
  • Clever attachments and CENTROTEC rapid tool-change system for all applications: Angle attachment, eccentric adapter and depth stop
  • FastFix interface on the cordless drill for rapid change of attachments within seconds without the need for any tools
  • Long-lasting, robust and powerful thanks to brushless, maintenance-free EC-TEC motor
  • The cordless drill and battery pack are fully covered by the comprehensive support provided by Festool Service
  • Fully electronic torque setting and switch-off for precise screwdriving
  • The impressive ergonomics of the unique C-shape design: Compact, lightweight and perfectly balanced
  • The screwdriver for Systainer³ products can also be seamlessly integrated into bott vehicle equipment for easy transportation from the workshop to the construction site. Systainer³ products are compatible with one another and can be connected to all previous Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories, such as roll boards or the mobile workshop
  • Flexible battery system: For applications with high power needs, the 4.0 Ah Li-HighPower Compact battery pack provides the ideal powerful, compact and lightweight solution