Retractable Hose Reel M10-M14 15Mtr

Available in the following size:

  • M10-17 for air type
  •  M8-M12 15Mtr 


  • The hose reels rewind automatically the hose by a spring located in the drum.
  • The hose can be stopped at the desired length. The hot galvanized steel structure is moulded and coated with electrostatic polyester powder resistant to UV rays.
  • The inner components of the hose reel and those which go in contact with the fluid are produced by a special plastic composite material.
  • The incorporated revolving support allows the orientation of the hose reels in order to guide its direction.
  • The hose reels are supplied and completed with a distribution hose which is made of polyurethane / thermoplastic material and reinforced by a special textile braid. This distribution hose is available with two different diameters. Furthermore these models are supplied with an additional connecting flexible hose 1 meter long.