Annovi Reverberi HP Cleaner 133K X TRA EM 220 240V 50 60HZ 140Bar
Annovi Reverberi

HP Cleaner 133K X-TRA EM 220-240V 50/60HZ 140Bar

Annovi & Reverberi 133K X-TRA cold water pressure washer is a single phase electric machine on trolley, part of Classic Yellow series.

Powerful & convenient easy to transport. This is thanks to the large diameter wheels, large handle & reduced 8.6 Kg weight. AR 133K X-TRA is not bulky thanks to the vertical configuration, hooks and the compartment on the machine body, where to store most of the supplied attachments.

This machine is ideal for domestic use, guarantees high performance and ease of use. Ideal for cleaning garden furniture, work tools, bicycles, patios and more.

The pump features 3 axial pistons with aluminium head, the pistons are made of hardened stainless steel. Equipped with automatic safety valve with pressure reset in the pump head. Equipped with Total Stop System: remote total stop of the pressure washer. Powerful efficient electric motor provided with thermal protection. It also features a 1 L built-in detergent tank (with detergent suction)

Unlike many "single-use" items available on the market at very low price, Annovi Reverberi pressure washer comes with:

  • technical support availability
  • spare parts availability
  • long-lasting products
  • high performance
  • excellent flow rate
  • high operating pressure