C&C Technik Malta Sponsors Island Karting Malta

It is estimated that about 70% of the Maltese population follow motorsport in some way or another. Some follow international races such as formula one, others are interested in virtual motorsports, and some even build their own racing vehicles. So, when the opportunity came to help nurture this great Maltese passion we couldn't help ourselves to contribute.

Since April 2022, C&C Technik has been sponsoring Island Karting Club to offer drivers of all ages, the opportunity to race go-karts on a professional race track. This newly built race track situated in the Hal Far industrial estate offers a state of the art racing enviroment with the latest telemetry and safety features.

With various championships being held every month, it's needless to say that this race track has gained quite a lot of popularity among the Maltese motorsport enthusiasts.

The reviews of this location have been flying in; "amazing!", "super fun", "very professional"... and we couldn't be happier to be supporting such a great initiative.

So if you're a motorsport enthusiast, or happen to be passing by Island Karting Club, go give them a visit. If you don't feel like racing, you'll surely enjoy a nice cold drink and the constant racing.

For more information about Island Karting Club, visit their Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/islandkartingclub

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