kloub 100d
  • kloub 100d
  • kloub h 100d
  • kloub ptt 100d
  • kloub td 100d
  • ku m12
  • kup m8
  • kus m12

Universal joint holders, carvervice (CV KU V1, CVKUS V1, ...) - Kloub 100D, KU, KUS, KUP

Carvervice (type 100D)

  • universal clamping diametr 100 mm
  • arbitrarily adjustable positions
  • suitable for carvers and modellers

Kloub 100D - CV KU V1

  • fastening to table by screw

Kloub H 100D - CV KUS V1

  • fastening to table by clamp

Kloub TD 100D

  • with telescopic holder

Kloub VPS 100D

  • with vice tipper

Kloub PTT 100D

  • with vice tipper with telescopic holder

Universal joint holders

  • widely applicable knuckle joint holder

KU (type KU M12)

  • fastening to table by screws

KUS (type KUS M8, KUS M12)

  • fastening to table by clamp
  • end thread M12 (KUS M12) or M8 (KUS M8)
  • joint allowing to topple ±50° (KUS M12) or ±90° (KUS M8)
  • rotate ±360°

KUP (type KUP M8)

  • fastening to table by vacuum suction cup (diameter 105 mm)

Available in more sizes.