PX48A hero

Combi Hammer 920W SDS Max 7J 5.5Kgs


  • Drilling anchor holes, fastening cladding panels
  • Overhead work and drilling rows of holes
  • Sinking sockets
  • Removing plaster and tiles
  • Cleaning up surfaces
  • Chasing grooves and slots
  • Precision repair work



  • Outstanding drilling and chiselling performance
  • Active vibration damping (RVA), ensuring comfortable continuous use
  • Exceptionally light weight and low vibration
  • Electronic for constant speed control
  • Speed and impact force infinitely adjustable with pushbutton switch/adjusting dial
  • Rapid changeover from hammer drilling to chiselling and vice versa
  • Chisel can be positioned in twenty ways
  • Maintenance-free (with lifetime lubrication)
  • Low-wear safety clutch